costa + dos is a family business founded in 1989 by Ramon Costa i Papiol,  interior designer with a long history in the integral management of architectural and interior design projects.

Our study is the fruit of a father who dedicated his entire life to the construction sector, along with his two children. Gerard, who currently coordinates the area of Architecture; and Robert, interior designer. In this way, it was born costa + dos arquitecura · interiorisme, or what is the same, the project of a father and two children, working side by side. To those who knew how to convey the dedication, and the love for our business.

So for more than 30 years we have been responsible for making the needs of our clients come true, responding to the requirements that each project poses, resolving them in a personalized way, pampering every detail, and with a single objective … never lose the ability to thrill.

We specialize in the integral management of all work processes of domestic interior design, restoration, and the creation of offices and commercial spaces in limited time. We draft your individualized project as a tailored suit, supervise the execution of the works and we carry out the coordination of all the industrial and crafts, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the budget and agreed delivery deadlines.

At any time, every day of the year. Because we love our work, they taught us this way, and we will continue doing it forever.

Do not worry about anything, we take care of it.