Our team is composed of a multidisciplinary group of in-house professionals, made up of architects, engineers and interior designers, responsible fordrafting, budgeting and project management.

Furthermore we coordinate for more than 35 years ago a network of industrial equipment of all trades, a great technical and human quality, and with long experience in the execution of works.

Gerard Costa Tabero

Architect and founding partner

Architect, ESARQ University / Politecnico di Milano
Postgraduate in Building Rehabilitation
Postgraduate Degree in Official Protection Housing (VPO)
Postgraduate course in Project Management Building
Postgraduate in Director of Comprehensive Security

Robert Costa Tabero

Interior designer and founding partner

Interior design, Eina University School of Design / Rotterdam University
Postgraduate in Interior Design Project Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Commercial, Visual and Retail Interior Design

Ramon Costa Amat

Delineation and Budget Work

Alberto Fernandez Ferreiro

Collaborating architect

Marc Solà Costa

Industrial Engineer

M Carmen Martos

Administration and Accounting